Hey there!


My name is Sharon and I am a Certified Nutritionist and Health Coach. Originally, my education began in Architecture and Graphic Design. Before I had worked in that field very long, I realized that the long hours and demanding career would be a stressor on my marriage and family.


I eventually transitioned to focusing all my attention to my family and at that point I realized that health concerns were playing a huge part of our life.


In the midst of caring for our aging parents who were suffering from assorted ailments, frequently on antibiotics, yet steadily declining - my husband, Bob, and I both started accumulating our own aches and pains which eventually became extreme.


When we were told that our youngest child may have cerebral palsy, after we had been struggling for his life from birth, we were thankful for an answer but devastated about what it meant for his future.


Over the years I had faithfully followed the doctors orders, even when the children’s hospital dropped us because they no longer accepted our HMO insurance, when the doctor told us that he could have Cerebral Palsy but testing was declined by insurance, I still hadn’t questioned.


Finally, after seeing enough things that were breaking my heart, I began to have some doubts and wonder if there was another way.


Our son had been on constant antibiotics for five years and pretty consistantly since birth. As I watched him steadily waste away, I finally refused the only treatment that they were offering. I took home my preteen son and cared for him almost as you would for an infant. I finally began to look ‘outside the box’. I knew at that point we wouldn’t have him very long unless I found something that would work and work drastically.


When a friend suggested that we try their chiropractor, it was an adamant 'No"! By this time, my son was completely traumatized at the thought of going to another doctor’s appointment. When they explained that it was a new and very gentle instrument and that it might ease some of his pain, I was a bit more open.


One day the chiropractor’s office that my friend had recommended, was having an open house. We bravely decided to go but just to see what was involved. We allowed them to do a thermal scan and that scan alone told us more about our son’s condition than a lifetime of doctor’s appointments ever had.


“How could they know so much so quickly?”


Then they showed us a small instrument that did a mild tapping. It looked so very harmless after all that he had already been through. We finally agreed to allow them to try a small adjustment. We were in tears when his 5 YEAR, low grade fever IMMEDIATELY subsided.

I’m not saying that one treatment is what everyone else should do, just that it helped us in our situation.


There is so much more to the story and SO many more stories just in my immediate family. I finally realized that there ARE other options. So many other options!


I have gone on to study nutrition, lifestyle modifications, herbs, and most recently homeopathy. I believe that what I learned also helped me save my own life!

There are so many wonderfully effective options, most very gentle and natural, that can help nurture our bodies own incredible healing power!


I would love to help you explore some of these options!